REC Digital Platform

REC Digital Platform

Secure and State of the Art Digital Business Solutions

Multiverse Digital Platform Network

Saint Vincent Capital LTD. REC Digital Platform is fully centralized, secured and more than an e-Wallet application.
REC digital platform privileges everyone for secure funds storage, transaction events and fully synchronization with Finexgm MetaQuotes forex trading network. The ultimate interconnection of REC digital platform for the subscriptions, buying & selling, rent outs, leasing and contracts & e-Documents to real estate assets management on DLT's and Economy-based Blockchain Consensus Network.

The ultimate Financial and Business Solutions

Business-class Digital Payment Services

Data Privacy and Security
REC digital platform encrypts account keys and transaction data for the seamless and secure operations across the SVC ecosystem digital platforms. Your data remains private with more added cryptographic security layers, including SMS OTP, 2FA Authentication and fingerprint.
The Business-class Payment Solution
The ultimate solution with fully decentralized and interconnected to whole ecosystem. Buy and sell the REC assets, or USDT on ERC and TRC network to manage your traditional and regular transactions, even to manage your MT4 funds for trading, or staking.
Buy, Sell and Swap in seconds
Now you can store and manage your funds, start trading, buying and selling, or subscribe to other SVC ecosystem's business network services. Instant and low fee Swap features to convert any currency into your required in minutes. The fastest and seamless digital payment platform for all your business and usual life needs.

Decentralized, Seamless, Secure & Scalable REC Mobile Payment Solutions

REC Digital Mobile Payment Platform

Available on Android Play Store
Android Play Store

Saint Vincent Capital LTD. REC Digital Platform
Mobile digital financial platform empowered by Saint Vincent Capital LTD. professionals
Saint Vincent Capital LTD. REC Digital Platform
Create and manage accounts in Mobile payment App for all across the Ecosystem digital platforms network.
Saint Vincent Capital LTD. REC Digital Platform
The fastest and the lowest fee multi-chain instant & diverse assets listing to swap through on your mobile devices.
Security is our top priority

Advanced REC Digital Platform Security

2FA Authentication

SMS OTP Authentication

With industry best security protocols practices in international SMS and the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is mandatory for your accounts to keep fully secured.

Auto Security Updates

Auto Security Updates

REC Digital Platform's security updates happen automatically when you open the on your Mobile device, so that you are always on the latest and most secured version of the App.

Everything you need to manage in decentralized & Secured way

Multiverse Business-Class Dashboard

  • Decentralization of Traditional Banking methods
  • Variety of digital currency assets management
  • All transaction events including deposits, withdrawals, subscriptions, Staking and much more
  • Super easy to connect with Finexgm MetaQuotes Forex Trading Platform
  • Built-in powerful support ticketing
  • Monitor, track and manage transactional data

Saint Vincent Capital LTD. REC Digital Platform
Saint Vincent Capital LTD. REC Digital Platform
Fully Secured Digital Assets Management

The Ultimate Storage Wallet

State of the art completely decentralized payment platform for secure transactions, subscriptions, rent outs, lease, etc.

Your financial solutions at your fingertips

Send and Receive Funds Instantly

Fully scalable, advanced, secured and transparent transactions to deposit or withdraw your funds any time.

Saint Vincent Capital LTD. REC Digital Platform
Saint Vincent Capital LTD. REC Digital Platform
Lowest Fee on Fastest Swaps

Multi-chain Instant Swap Currencies

The most trusted way to swap your stored digital assets.

Swap through variety of currencies in few seconds

Diverse list of assets to Swap through

Swap directly from your mobile device from anywhere and anytime with REC Digital Payment Platform combined data from decentralized exchange aggregators, market makers, and DEXs, to ensure you are privileged with best price with the lowest network fees.

Saint Vincent Capital LTD. REC Digital Platform
Easy-to-use, secured and efficient financial tool

Decentralized Financial Ecosystem

Free and Decentralized

REC Digital Payment solutions are fully decentralized and traditional financial solutions based and anyone can use it. No single entity controls the network.

Two Factor Authentication

Be safe from malware, Use two-factor authentication and control your wealth with ease and secure way.

Hardware Wallets

SVC has in sooner future plans to support hardware wallets also.



Seamless, Secure & Scalable REC CARD

Saint Vincent Capital LTD. keep in plans to launch REC Card in coming years by taking care of the international legal matters for many countries. These processes involve many jurisdictional impacts on whole process that takes it's time. We keep our aim higher while trying hard work for the future plans on the Svcapital Ecosystem.

REC Card

Decentralized And Traditional Payment Methods

The ecosystem has set a target to make advancements with REC Card fully decentralized, and with fully automated features of traditional payment methods of banking.

Fastest Payment Transfer

Our professional experts are diligently working very hard on the further advancements plans in the future strategy of ecosystem of Saint Vincent Capital LTD. Users will be able to transfer funds to each other instantly and securely with REC Card.

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