Fully secured network of digital platforms for seamless and business-class solutions

DLT's & Economy-based Blockchain Real-Estate Platform and the REC Digital Platform

Saint Vincent Capital LTD. DLT's Blockchain Real-Estate economy-based consesus network combines the digitally secured solutions fully synchronised with REC Digital Platform. Our each digital platform of ecosystem is designed for seamless usage of any digital platform's features fully synchronized with each other, for the centralized and secured management.

State-of-the-art automation of digital currencies wallet and Finexgm's MT4 Forex Trading

MetaQuote's Finexgm Trading Platform and the REC Digital Platform

Saint Vincent Capital LTD. Finexgm MT4 Trading platform diversify the Forex trading with more enhanced features, and fully synchronized with REC Digital Platform. Our revolutionary privileges every user to fully control and manage all their daily life business activities on the fully synchronized REC Digital Platform with Mt4 Forex Trading platform.



Staking at your fingertips   State of the art digital financial solution

Funds storage, sending & receiving to fastest swap at lowest rates

Fully centralised MetaQuotes Finexgm Forex Trading Network

Manage your business network on DLT's and Economy-Based Blockchain Consensus Network

Trading, Buying & Selling, Subscriptions,
Rent outs, Leasing, Funds Management and Swaps

The ultimate and Multiverse Ecosystem of digital platforms network

Saint Vincent Capital LTD. multinational group's ecosystem is world-class digital platforms network built on the most disruptive technologies. Our business-class, scalable, secured and fully automated the REC digital payment platform is more than a wallet that can be utilized for the funds storage, trading, staking, transnational event, swaps, tax and for many other business operations management. Furthermore, our DLT's & economy-based Blockchain real estate digital platform and the Finexgm MT4 Forex trading, that are fully synchronized and automated with REC digital payment platform. Our experts are diligently making sure to provide the world-class daily life to business level solutions at your fingertips.

Whitepaper, Mobile Apps & other assets


Access to whitepaper of Saint Vincent Capital LTD. - which includes technical specification, roadmap and business plans.

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Saint Vincent Capital LTD. Roadmap

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